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BMW Motorrad regularly enters its motorcycles in the Dakar Rally, an annual car, truck, and motorcycle race held traditionally on European and African land, and recently, in South America, has featured riders such as Simon Pavey and motorcycling celebrity Charley Boorman. Motorrad motorcycles have won the Dakar Rally six times.


In 2007, BMW Motorrad announced their entry to the 2009 Superbike World Championship season, running their S1000RR bike. The 2009 season factory team was known as Team Alpha BMW and includes Spanish rider Ruben Xaus and Australian rider Troy Corser. In the 2010 season, Xaus and Corser were joined on the track by Team Reitwagen BMW riders Andrew Pitt and Roland Resch, also riding the S1000RR.


Four different BMW airhead and oil head valve cover 1954 R68’s two-fin valve cover The R series are built around a horizontally opposed flat-twin (boxer) engine. As the engine is mounted with a longitudinal crankshaft, the cylinder heads protrude well beyond the sides of the frame. Originally, R series bikes had air-cooled heads but are now produced only with partial oil cooling or water cooling. The type of internal combustion engine cooling used across the various R series engines leads to the use of the distinguishing names airhead and oiled


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