email marketing platform free download 2022

3D & Abstract

As the third most important source of both B2B and B2C marketing, email marketing platform is an important digital marketing category. If you wish to grow your brand and achieve your goal, relying on social media and PPC campaigns is not enough.

For business marketing, it’s by far the most popular form of communication. 86% of all professionals use it more than other platforms, according to a survey by HubSpot.

Of course, it’s not possible to know everything just by surveying your competitors. Blogs, for example, are a free and efficient way of being acquainted with email marketing trends.

Tools for Email marketing

MailChimp is the market leader in email marketing. The team at MailChimp has been pretty successful in advising numerous brands across the world regarding the cheapest and best forms of marketing.

Aside from their very successful ESP, they are also running a blog. They believe that providing marketers with both the right tools and the right knowledge leads directly to marketing success.

A very popular  marketing blog, Campaign Monitor is also a software development brand. They mainly dabble in selling marketing strategies and solutions to marketers and brand managers. In addition to their services, they run an excellent blog. It should definitely be on your reading list, mainly due to its vast array of useful content.

To inform people about their ideas, goals, and programs, they have started an excellent blog. As one of the most popular marketing blogs around, you can find a lot about case studies and surveys related to email marketing.

There are even strategies and practices spread into three levels of experience – novice, inter-media and professional.

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