Aesthetic wallpaper for laptop hd 1080p

3D & Abstract

Here are my favorite 45+ black aesthetic wallpaper options. Feel free to save as many as you’d like to your phone for later!

Keep in mind that you can use a different wallpaper option for you lock screen and home screen, or you can choose the same photo for both.

I recommend saving a bunch of wallpaper options at a time before trying them out. Sometimes they look really different when they’re actually set on your phone, so it’s easier to have a few and switch them out until you find one you love.

HD Aesthetic wallpapers

Sometimes I’m just in a slightly darker mood and it calls for a black aesthetic. The color black is definitely kind of Scorpio in nature, but it’s also calming and soothing. To me, it feels grounded and deep.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for romantic, light and airy wallpaper, and other times I just want a good iPhone wallpaper that’s in the black color scheme.

I like how edgy and simple these black aesthetic wallpapers are. In case anyone else gets in this mood like I do, I put together 45+ of my favorite black aesthetic wallpaper options here.

They’re much more of a mood rather than a season, although I especially love them when I’m feeling angsty or a little witchy. We all go through different aesthetic phases, so this post is specifically for you if you’re in a black aesthetic vibe phase.

I included black aesthetic wallpaper with a few different vibes! There are ritzy vibes here (diamonds, money, etc.), edgy skater vibes, city vibes, and vintage vibes.

These black aesthetic wallpaper downloads can be used for your iPhone or computer, but they’re all vertical so they’re made to fit the iPhone (or any smart phone) specifically.

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