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There’s been a lot of quibbling in the car community as to whether that’s a good thing, but as the only company that is still making reliable and powerful inline-6 engines, this partnership seems strategic and beneficial for both companies.It’s faster and snappier than any American muscle car. It’s prettier than any sports car from the European domestic market. If that doesn’t go to show that price does not equal quality, we don’t know what does.

2021 Toyota supra wallpapers

nlike anything Toyota had produced before, the A80’s proportions and flowing design owed more to the 2000GT of the Sixties than its predecessor. With a long, low bonnet line and high-rise optional rear spoiler it was aerodynamically efficient and clearly aimed at delivering a much higher top speed.

Designed and developed to compete in the popular grand tourer market in Japanese and North American markets – ruled almost exclusively by Datsun’s Z-cars at the time – the new A40 Celica Supra (named Celica XX in its domestic market) replaced the Celica’s four-cylinder engine range with a silky smooth six-cylinder engine

Updated: August 20, 2021 — 8:48 am