earth wallpaper 4k iphone free download


The collection of photos taken from space now includes 2,500 images from locations around the world in resolutions up to 4K, according to a company blog post.

Earth wallpaper View gathers some of the most interesting and compelling images from Google Earth and enhances them, then presents them in the Earth wallpaper  View gallery or via its Chrome extension. The project is a spinoff of Google Earth, a 3D representation of Earth that uses satellite images and aerial photography to present landscapes Their natural, pure beauty combined with a gorgeous structure and many positive characteristics benefiting the room climate make grass wallpapers a timeless yet trendy interior design element.

The gallery consists of a variety of true black images and I curated a handful of space-themed versions for our Sunday post., we tend to post a set of images that fit a similar genre. Space, galaxy, stars, and planetary themes are always popular when it comes to total visits and download numbers. Today’s set fits within this exact genre and spans from land to space and the stars. Utilizing clever gradients for a pop of color in an otherwise

With a subtle color at the iOS dock location, it fades quickly into the black of space, and the wallpaper is then simply dotted with stars.

These images will look especially incredible if you are using a device with a screen, as the black will almost completely turn off the backlight.

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