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As we all know that wedding is an important event in any person’s life so if u think about it almost all of them has different and various plans for their wedding and when we are thinking about wedding the most important that comes in mind is the dressing which is the main factor of wedding or any other event. so the topic is all about simple wedding dresses.

Dressing of all events is also decided by the time of the event at which it time takes place and also by the weather or season of wedding like if it takes place on summer then most of the dressing are decorated more and are not so thick and glow different at the wedding but if it takes place in winter then the dressing is not mostly short but there are dresses are cover in a gown or long coats

In short, the dressing on wedding depends on various factors and also the time of the event at which it takes place.

and most important some weddings are so private that only some of known are invited and their dressing is almost formal, but if the wedding is not that private and all families are invited then the dressing is usually fancy and expensive in order to match dresses with their cousin or relatives as it was as a one-lifetime event in every person’s life and hold the most precious place in everyone’s heart.

Barat wedding dresses


Mehndi simple wedding dresses

On mehndi day mostly people wear a black and golden and dark color dress to enhance personality. girls loved to wear black dresses it’s like their day is impossible if they can’t wear black dresses.

anyhow,  mehndi is the first day of the wedding, and people enjoy that day with full freedom.

Black dresses are best for mehndi day because we enjoy that day at night with full white & colorful lightening. dark dresses make your personality bright and you surely wear that dresses at the mehndi reception.


simple walima wedding dresses

valima is the third day of the wedding . In walima reception mostly girls wearing dark and bright color dresses.

as you see in this below picture zinc and mehroon color combination is looking stunning and that make your personality great and it’s a very decent color that makes you beautiful.

It’s the day of happiness.


simple wedding gown

the simple dresses always have a decent personality. the dress that you see in the below images you can wear at any wedding function.

nowadays, at weddings, there is a little bit of fashion in long gowns. girls really love long frocks so they can easily wear long gowns.

with long gowns, you just wear simple jewelry that’s it as the girl in the below images wears decent jewelry. you try and wear this dress easily on mehndi, Barat, and walima wedding day as you like.

long frock design for mehndi function

Long frocks have been fashionable and popular in the past but it never goes out of style. girls mostly wear long frocks at parties and simple functions.

The long frocks also have an elegant look. now the main question is how to manage frocks first pair your dress with jewelry, heels, and the beautiful clutch, because these are the basic things at a wedding that everyone notice and also makes you beautiful.


There are 10+ wedding dress designs. hope you guys really like it.

Updated: August 14, 2022 — 12:56 pm