mazda rx7 hd wallpaper 4k


I think anyone who really a car fan will have a favorable impression of the Mazda brand. Not only because Mazda has participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans for more than ten years, but also became the first Asian manufacturer to win the championship. It is also because of the focus on the Uncommon discipline

of “Rotor” for nearly half a century and has successfully created many very popular classic models. Of course, all kinds of Mazda that appear in animation, movies, and racing are also examples of the model to attract fans with strength. Behind Mazda’s popularity among fans and continuous technological breakthroughs is the generation of Mazda’s obsession with outstanding products.

The automotive industry and research institutes have questioned the practicality of rotor engines. Even the inside company has ridiculed “a waste of budget”. Despite bore with all the torment of uneasiness and anxiety, these technical elites have consistently believed that one day they will usher in the practical use of the rotor engine and continue to work hard for it.

Mazda is the only company to mass-produce a rotor engine. The 47 engineers who laid a solid foundation for the rotor engine were also referred to as Akōrōshi by engine research minister Yamamoto Kenichi. Known to history as the rotor forty-seven warriors.

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