This wallpaper is all about the facts and rules and regulation of cricket as it is a well known or international game played worldwide to

choose the best team of the world  this game is so popular that many countries take part in this game for the title to be called best team of cricket in the world


The batting side scores runs by striking the ball bowled at the wicket with the bat (and running between the wickets), while the bowling and fielding side

tries to prevent this (by preventing the ball from leaving the field, and getting the ball to either wicket) and dismiss each batter (so they are “out”). so about this game, it is stated that this game is the topmost played games in the world so if you want to play this you must know the rules and regulations of the game to achieve your goal in this game to play the game.

This game is not played in china because every country have their own rules weather to play such games or not so we decided to  cricket is the game of kings which is not played by anyone so if you like this game

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