Jaun Elia poetry 2 lines

Jaun Elia was the greatest poet of all time and he was famous and well known for his poetry on life and love which broke him into pieces and so he started the journey of his career in poetry and now known as jaun Elia poetry.

In this image, he explains that you are not my reality you are my wish, and that kind of wealth that can only be gained in dreams like can never have her so some of his poetries are so deep that we are unable to explain them due to its depth.

Now this image describes a different story of his life in which he explains it that I am going to be feared by you day by day, are u in love with me because in love fear is always present of losing her or seeing her going away from you, he had written so many poetries that we cannot be able to count it mostly are well famous ghazal.


In this image,, the lines of jaun Elia’s poetry explain that dreams were much expensive for us than debt we lose our eyes means the dream of having her was so brutal that not having her for real cost crying broken and pain day by day and we lose our eyes In the memories of her.

TO explain without wasting any time ” A man is continuously talking about faithfulness may any one can shut his mouth means that in this world there is not any concept of faith and true love it all goes on cheating and left us behind so he said shut his mouth as he was speaking the wrong facts to people.


The one who was not my universe or not my why I just forget her make my life right back on track and change my life and change my behavior so I can get a peaceful life but to forget her was impossible to me and I cannot change myself now so have to suffer now due to the decisions I made in my life and making it worse by myself.


Today the most affected and worst act of people are they changed themselves and another factor is that they didn’t believe that they are changed so they try to blame the people in front of them or the person with them every time they need him.

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Updated: September 5, 2022 — 6:06 pm